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To the heart of the matter

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HYDATUM was established in 1964 originally to publish patents disclosures on behalf of a small design and manufacturing group specialising in ‘hi-tech’ systems. Advanced analytical techniques led on to evaluations of the working, economic and political environments with a number of publications in these fields.


The latest concludes 25 years of research into the ‘will of the people’ and the working of a representative parliamentary democracy. At a time when peoples are demanding ‘a say’ in matters affecting their lives and their taxes this reports the responses when large sectors of the community were given just that: a say on the plethora of propositions submitted by the political parties. The accuracy and consistency of results paint a portrait of the whole population, eclectic though it is. The parties are themselves not only minorities but it is clear from this thesis that they are, and have been for some time, both out of tune with native cultures and out of step with social changes; many of which they have induced both spuriously and ineptly.

The Pantiles, RTW